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Leading-edge training by Jakub Kolasa, designed to help you achieve your dance and mobility goals at your own pace! Built to cater to heels and stretching enthusiasts of all levels, The Pole Wizard grants access to a vault of regularly updated tutorials created to satisfy all your flexibility and heels-based pole & floor work needs!

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who is jakub?

Jakub discovered pole dancing in 2012 after parting ways with his competitive ballroom dancing career and immediately fell in love! He was instantly hypnotised by the combination of dance, sensuality and athleticism it had to offer. He quickly started attending multiple classes a week as he simply couldn't get enough and fast-forward 12 years - it's now his whole life! 

Ever since becoming an instructor, he's made it his goal to make pole fitness, heels and flexibility as understandable and accessible as possible. The reality is-we're all different! We learn at different paces and need a different approach to process knowledge the best way we can. Therefore he constantly challenges himself to deliver the highest quality teaching, so his students can progress as safely and effectively as possible. He's very proud to be a part of the XPERT team, where as a Master Trainer he can help guide new instructors through the ins-and-outs of efficient education.

His love of performing has earned him several prestigious international titles, including:
- Elite Pole Championships UK Pole Idols Heelography Champion 2023
- Exotic Generation UK 2019 Male Division Champion & Overall Winner
- Felix Cane Championships 2016 Runner-Up
- European Pole Art Champion
- 3x National Pole Sports Champion

Jakub has also spent most of his life obsessed with the art of flexibility. Over the years he has worked with many world-renowned contortion coaches to consistently improve his skills and knowledge. With multiple qualifications under his belt he has proven to be a diligent and reliable flexibility teacher, always putting safety first.

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I've learned so much on Jakub's platform about technique, posture, and musicality in heels. His verbal cues are so incredibly helpful and his encouragement and support comes through the screen as if he's right in the room with you. The variety of classes is above and beyond what you could expect from just one instructor. I have upped my heels tricks, edgework, and choreo game significantly since training with him and highly recommend this platform to anyone looking to advance their pole journey in platform heels.



I’ve been doing online classes with Jakub for the last year. The online live classes keep me accountable for my flexibility training and the progress I’ve made in the last year has been insane, going from just being able to push up into a bridge to dropping backwards into them. This is converted to ´on the pole moves’ unlocking cocoon and Janeiro which I thought were years beyond me.

The dance classes are challenging but enjoyable and Jakubs excellent teaching breaks down complex leg work making it seem effortless and unlocking new pathways in my training. I’m now a full heels convert and prefer floor work to going up the pole.



I’ve been taking flexibility training classes with Jakub since 2021 and heels class since the beginning of 2023. It’s already more than fitness classes for me. Of course, I learned new tricks, gained more flexibility, experienced Instagram worthy moments, and noodled around the pastabilities through all these years. The real highlight is the feeling of being empowered. Right now, I might not be as shrimpy or clam shelly as I want but I truly believe my body can happily grow stronger in the upcoming journey.



Jakub is my favourite heels teacher. His didactic is EXCELLENT, the way he creates progressions to all moves is so helpful to me as a dancer and as an instructor as well. He’s explanations are always on point! And not to mention the amazing style he brings to the choreographies. I particularly love when he adds a little extra sparkle to simple moves and makes them way more impressive. I’ve learned a lot in this platform and have integrated all that knowledge into my own style. And there’s always so much more to learn!!!



The Pole Wizard is MAGICAL! Jakub always has new things to learn every week - both heels and flex! He will break everything down and adapts moves so that it is achievable for everyone. He has given me the confidence with my heel technique and taught me so many showstopper tricks in heels. He is always happy and smiley and radiates positivity. I leave the recordings feeling amazing and with a sense of achievement!

Yorkshire Pole Championships Overall Winner


On Instagram

I absolutely love The Pole Wizard platform…. Tuesdays are my favourite day of the week!!! I have been an online student with Jakub for a while and my heels game has gone through the roof since joining. Every week is a challenge with new and interesting transitions so you won’t ever get bored…. you might die but at least it won’t be by boredom. Jakub is very attentive and patient online and is extremely approachable if you need extra help during class. I would highly recommend this platform for some serious heel gains.

All Ireland 40+ Champion


On Instagram

I have been working on my flexibliliy training with Jakub for 3 years. I couldn‘t recommend him more. My natural back/shoulder flexibility was bad, it strongly limited my progress. But Jakub guides me with great paitience, taught me all the useful tips that totally upgraded my game and consistently encourages me to unlock those dreamy bendy moves that I didn't believe I could ever achieve.

Miss Pole Dance Scotland


On Instagram

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<div class="editor-content"><p>Miss Pole Dance Scotland</p><p>@amanda_yyzhou</p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p>On Instagram</p></div>

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